Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown


Sometimes, it’s evident that some people are destined to do what they love. At the tender age of 11, a young Tyler Bryant was jamming with the adults and later, was invited to play the Eric Clapton’s Crossroad Festival at the age of 15. Now making a stir in the blues-rock community as a singer-songwriter and soulful player, Tyler Bryant has put together a hard-hitting power group called The Shakedown. Check out the video for their single “Backfire” above, and be sure to catch one of their high energy shows near you.

Tyler Bryant counts on Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom, Everlast Phosphor Bronze Medium, Baritone Slinky’s day in and day out

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The Get Up Kids 


Fast-paced, hyper melodies made The Get Up Kids highly influential at the crest of the emo wave of the late 90s. The band’s sound has slowly matured over the years, resulting in several critically acclaimed album’s like Something to Write Home About, Four Minute Mile, and On A Wire. Even after a break up in 2004 that didn’t take, The Get Up Kids have stuck by their name and overcome turmoil with a release in 2011 titled There Are Rules, and 2018’s EP titled Kicker. Check out the video for the single “I am Sorry” above off Kicker.

The Get Up Kids rock Ernie Ball Regular Slinky.

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Ewan Dobson


Toronto born and New Brunswick dwelling instrumental guitarist Ewan Dobson started his career by winning the 2009 Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Competition, where the grand prize was to record an album with Candyrat Records. He has since released a total of 14 albums with a highlight of his path being a featured guest on two of Marty Friedman’s (ex-Megadeth) solo records. Ewan’s genre can be described as video game inspired, fingerstyle, acoustic metal guitar. Dobson has toured Europe, Canada, USA, and China multiple times. These days, he resides next to the woods creating classical duets and writing new acoustic metal repertoires as well as feeding a variety of wild birds by hand. How rad is that? Check out his following video showcasing the new Ernie Ball Prodigy Pick, be sure to ‘Like’ his Facebook page and subscribe to his YouTube Channel here.

Ewan Dobson plays Ernie Ball Ernesto Palla Black and Silver Classical Strings, Everlast Coated 80/20 Bronze LightEverlast Coated Phosphor Bronze Medium Light with a single .013 plain string.



When it comes to your melody or lyrics connecting with your audience, age is no discriminating factor. A perfect example is the very talented bedroom writer, Robin Skinner, who takes his bedroom songs and makes them for the world as Cavetown. Racking up over a million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, Robin’s songs talk about making sense of the world and what it means and feels like to lose love, all at the young age of 19. His fourth record titled LEMON BOY, which features effortlessly bright melodies, pushes instrumental boundaries by blending uke with electronica on tracks like “Fool”. Robin Skinner states,

“I speak about very genuine things, and very personal things, that I personal find hard to say..That’s why I write a song about it, I think people relate to that.. Sometimes they can’t put things into words, but they hear a song about it, and point to that”

Cavetown play Ernie Ball Regular Slinky.

Check out the video for “Green” above and add Cavetown to your playlist below.

The Expendables 


Santa Cruz, California based laid back reggae rock band The Expendables has had continuous success, playing festivals all over the world while maintaining their party, skate and surf culture. With smash hits like “Bowl For Two” and “Sacrifice,” The Expendables have had no intention of slowing down after millions of miles and five records. The guys are currently on tour with plans to release an acoustic album. Stay connected with the band via socials, and check out dates near you here. Watch the band kill it live in the Audiotree Studio above.

The Expendables play a Custom Ernie Ball Music Man Axis and a Firemist Gold StingRay Bass.

String wise the band counts on Ernie Ball Regular Slinky, Power Slinky, Earthwood Acoustic Phosphor Bronze, and Regular Slinky Bass.

Listen to the best tracks by The Expendables below and add them to your playlist today.

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