After a six year “hiatus” (although still active in live shows and festivals), Vampire Weekend has returned with two new tracks titled “Harmony Hall” and “2021.” The tracks maintain the Vampire Weekend sound that fans fell in love with: catchy riffs and an upbeat melody. Pitchfork put it well when describing the new releases as “a warm greeting from a dear friend who’s changed.”

The quartet surprised fans with a new music video for “Harmony Hall.” The video features lead vocalist and guitarist, Ezra Koenig, making pancakes, a snake in the kitchen, and even an appearance by Jonah Hill. The new releases remind listeners that Vampire Weekend is still full of surprises, with many more to come.

The band plans to release their new album, Father of the Bride, sometime this spring. Check out upcoming tour dates here.

Watch the new video for “Harmony Hall”




The players use RPS Power Slinky guitar strings, Earthwood Med/Light acoustic strings, and Hybrid Slinky bass strings.


Listen to the “Harmony Hall” and “2021”



**header photo credit to Jenn Five

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