The Wombats


Meeting and forming at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, The Wombats have been writing hooky songs and presenting a fun, guitar-driven pop music ever since. The band’s latest release titled Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life is a relentless arsenal of undeniable hit songs like the single “Turn,” which features an infectious sound layered in guitars and heavy drums. Watch the full music video above.

The Wombats use Ernie Ball Power Slinky Cobalt, Not Even Slinky Cobalt, Earthwood Light Phosphor Bronze, and Hybrid Bass Slinky.

Listen to top tracks by The Wombats below and rock it out.

Charly Bliss


Led by the bright voice of singer/guitarist Eva Hendricks, indie rock outfit Charly Bliss is an arsenal of catchy alt 90s sound that is reminiscent of bands like Weezer and Veruca Salt. Their sound is a perfect balance between straight forward grunge and pop sensibility. The NYC band released their latest album titled Young Enough this year on Barsuk Records and have been touring with Death Cab For Cutie, Sleater-Kinney and Wolf Parade. Watch the official music video for one of their newest singles titled “Hard to Believe” above, and look for Hendricks rocking on her Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent guitar in Polaris White.

Charly Bliss use Ernie Ball Power Slinky, Regular Slinky, and Super Slinky Bass Strings.

Listen to top tracks from Charly Bliss below and check out a show near you.

The Devil Makes Three


Two guitarists and a string bassist make up The Devil Makes Three. Though not your normal alt-country band, they blend elements of punk rock influences without a drummer. After switching labels to New West Records, the band reached their first appearance on the Billboard 200. The trio released a pair of singles in late 2018 to follow up their latest LP, Chains Are Broken. The Devil Makes Three will be touring this fall with Ernie Ball legends Social Distortion and Flogging Molly. Check out the live session of the band above and catch a live show in a city near you.

The Devil Makes Three rip the gig with Ernie Ball Burly Slinkys, Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Medium acoustic strings, and Ernie Ball Banjo loop end stainless steel string.

Listen to top tracks by The Devil Makes Three below.



The UK-based, punk-influenced band Basement found their sound blending heavy riffs with hooky songwriting — all while carrying themselves with a 90s D.I.Y attitude. After crossing the pond and inking a deal with American record label Fueled By Ramen, the band’s recognition has spread outside of underground venues and onto a larger trajectory. Riding the success of their 2018 record Beside Myself, the band released the single “Be Here Now” off of the record, which has garnered over 400,000 views within just six months. Check out the official music video above.

Basement count on Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom, Beefy Slinky, and Power Bass Slinky.

Listen to top tracks by Basement below and share a song with a friend.


The Wytches


Hailing from Brighton, UK, The Wytches were formed. Adding the ‘y’ to help differentiate the band’s name online, the three-piece has gifted the world with their buzzy, gritty, psychedelic sounds. A wall of fuzzed-out guitars that are reminiscent of J Mascis with a modern underground psyche twist, the band can come across as dark and gloomy, while making less serious videos with abrupt, space-verbed vocal performances. Check out one of their more popular singles “Gravedweller” above.

The Wytches use Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom, Beefy Slinky, Hybrid Cobalt Bass Strings.

Listen to top tracks by The Wytches below and along to your playlist today.


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