Thee Oh Sees

**Beware of super rad claymation of a three-headed dragon. If you are a person with photosensitivity, skip the video and rock out to the playlist.


Thee Oh Sees have been putting on electric live performances for the last decade and continue to push the envelope. Lead singer/guitarist, John Dwyer dives musically somewhere in between warped-speed punk rock and metal prog.

Their new record titled, Smote Reverser does a great job of balancing both worlds, while still keeping outsiders estranged. Check out one of their circle pit friendly shows near you.

Thee Oh Sees brutally play on Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky and Bass Super Slinky.



Snail Mail


After an incredible KEXP session, Matador Records, Snail Mail has quickly become a must-watch artist of the year. Combining both dreamy tones with interrupting jangle rock, Snail Mail’s new album Lush is definitely one to dive into and explore.

Lindsey Jordan’s songwriting contains a level of emotional depth well beyond her years but also places her with a very bright future ahead. Add Snail Mail to your playlist and see them live before they start headlining major festivals.

Snail Mail deliver with Ernie Ball RegularSuper Slinky and Regular Bass Strings.



American Football


American Football has recently built a strong cult following as a top influential artist compared to modern bands like Fall Out Boy, Joyce Manor and Into It Over It. They’ve recently come off of a successful tour with Phoebe Bridgers in support of their latest record, American Football (LP2).

Bringing their signature sound of quick syncopated hammer ons and pull offs, this band will forever live on as one of the pioneers of the early Emo movement.

American Football vibe with Ernie Ball’s Ambient Delay Pedal, VP Jr. Volume Pedal Power Slinky, Regular Slinky, and Regular Bass Slinky.



Night Verses


Night Verses bring a fresh element to post-metal by blending shredding leads and instrumental breaks that marry a complex rhythm with beautiful melodies. You can check out their single, “Vice Wave” from their latest album, From The Gallery of Sleep, out now.

Night Verses count on Ernie Ball Paradigm PowersRegular Bass Slinky, Nylon Medium Picks, and Ernie Ball Patch Cables.

You can catch guitarist, Nick Depirro playing multiple Ernie Ball Music Man JP 15 guitars.


Rodney Crowell

Country music singer/songwriter, Rodney Crowell has notably garnered fifteen #1 singles and multiple Grammys under his belt. Rodney continues to keep the coals burning as he writes and produces for other artists like Roseanne Cash’s entire Rhythm & Blues album. He’s also announced the release of a new book of self-memoirs titled, Chinaberry Sidewalks. 

Crowell recently came out with his latest titled track, “It Ain’t Over Yet” from his album, Close Ties featuring Rosanne Cash and John Paul White of The Civil Wars.

Rodney Crowell writes with Ernie Ball Everlast Phosphor Bronze Medium Light .


Featured cover photo shot by: Thomas Girard

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