Have you heard The Mutual Admiration Society, a new album featuring a host of Ernie Ball legends, including: Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Steve Lukather, Albert Lee, and Steve Morse, from Sterling Ball, John Ferraro and Jim Cox? The Mutual Admiration Society features 13 classic reimagined tracks including “Sugar Shack”, “Baby Please Don’t Go” featuring Steve Lukather, “The In Crowd” with Steve Morse and a one-of-a-kind Disney Medley performance featuring John Petrucci. Hear the first single, “Sugar Shack” (featuring Steve Vai) below and get a copy of the album that hit #1 on the iTunes Blues charts here.


Vai was among the last to join the super group once he had heard the tracks laid down by some of the other players, including Steve Morse, John Petrucci, and Steve Lukather.

“This record is a dream treat for the lovers of melodic beautiful-sounding guitar. Along with the special guest artists who have contributed to this record, Sterling Ball’s unique technique and tone on the guitar is a surprise highlight.” – Steve Vai

It’s not everyday that you get Steve Vai asking to be on your album, but lucky for us he did, and he did, and the track became a permanent part of this eclectic, powerhouse collection.

Bonus Content

In this clip, Sterling sits down with Steve Vai to discuss their musical pasts, long-time friendship, and the road that led to the Mutual Admiration Society album coming to fruition. Learn more about The Mutual Admiration Society at http://www.mutualadmirationsocietymusic.com/

Track List

1. Payday Song
2. The In Crowd (feat: Steve Morse)
3. Checkin’ Up On my Baby
4. Baby Please Don’t Go (feat: Steve Lukather)
5. Treat Her Right
6. Sugar Shack (feat: Steve Vai)
7. Memphis A/K/A Memphis, Tennessee
8. Cryin’ Time (feat: Albert Lee)
9. I Want You Back
10. Disney Medley (feat: John Petrucci)
11. Hey Good Lookin’ (feat: Albert Lee)
12. Strip Mall Gourmet (feat: Jay Graydon)
13. Heartbroke

Order The Mutual Admiration Society album, out now!


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