Ernie Ball is excited to introduce our new artist series: Metal Monday. Each Monday we’ll be highlighting our trendsetting, diverse artists in the world of metal. Ernie Ball has always supported artists who forge their own path in creating heavy, loud, in-your-face music. Whether it be shredders, headbangers, or down-tuned breakdown masters, we are proud to showcase this talent and raise our horns up.

Debuting the series for this week are Iron Maiden, Metallica, The Raven Age, and Ghost. It is only appropriate to start the series with some of the founders of the heavy metal genre alongside the future of metal artists — the artists on the rise. Without further ado, here is the first Metal Monday.

Iron Maiden


The legendary Iron Maiden needs no introduction. As founding fathers of the new wave of British heavy metal, their name has become well-known across the globe, often credited as one of the most successful heavy metal bands of all time. That is why heads are turning as the Legacy of the Beast World Tour with fellow Ernie Ball artist The Raven Age — is finally approaching. Beginning in Sunrise, Florida on July 18 and wrapping up in Santiago, Chile in October, this tour is shaping up to be one for the books. The tour gets its namesake from the Legacy of the Beast comic series and video game, of course, which center around Iron Maiden’s mascot, Eddie. In order to live up to the hype, the band is pulling out all of the stops when it comes to presentation, according to a statement from Bruce Dickinson.

We’ve got all kinds of crazy things going on, including a replica Spitfire plane dominating the stage during Aces High, tons of pyro, a giant Icarus, muskets, claymores and some truly marvellous flame-throwers which I have a hell of a lot of fun with, as you will see!

Iron Maiden builds their own sets using individual Ernie Ball Strings for electric and acoustic guitar to fit their needs. Adrian Smith uses .09 .011 .016 .024 .034 .044, Dave Murray uses .09 .011 .015 .024 .034 .044, and Janick Gers uses .010 .012 .017 .026 .036 .046.

Check out Iron Maiden‘s official Legacy of the Beast Tour playlist down below.

The Raven Age


Performing alongside Iron Maiden for the entire Legacy of the Beast Tour, The Raven Age is sure to deliver. They have toured supporting bands like Anthrax and Killswitch Engage. Their latest release — and sophomore album — came out this year to critical acclaim from the metal community. Entitled Conspiracy, its namesake draws from the term for a collective of ravens, according to George Harris. He also stated that this is only the second installment of a “massive story” that they are creating; the members of The Raven Age want to create an “all-encompassing experience” through their work.

The Raven Age depend on Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky and Not Even Slinky strings.

To dive into the realm of The Raven Age, check out their latest album down below.



Robert Trujillo and Kirk Hammett of Metallica have taken up a habit interjecting their sets with covers of songs by their musical heroes on tour. Fondly referring to them as “Doodles,” their cover set-list includes songs that wildly vary in genre from their usual sound; A-Ha, Europe, The Stone Roses, Pink Floyd, and Joy Division are just some examples of bands that they have honored. However, on their recent stop in London, they paid homage to British heavy metal by adding Iron Maiden to that list. This time, it is the titular track off of their 1981 album, KillersThe footage, along with other doodles, can be found on the MetallicaTV YouTube channel.

Metallica uses Ernie Ball Paradigm Regular Slinky and Paradigm Power Slinky on electric guitar. On acoustic, they opt for Ernie Ball Everlast 80/20 Light and Everlast Phosphor Bronze Extra Light.

Take a listen to the essential Metallica playlist down below.



Swedish rock band, Ghost, will be kicking off their 2019 “Ultimate Tour Named Death” on September 13 in Bakersfield, California at the Rabobank Arena. They will be touring with support from fellow Ernie Ball artist Nothing More and will be ending the tour in late October on the East Coast. According to the band, their latest album, Prequelle, takes inspiration from the 14th century Black Plague in Europe; this is part of the intricate storyline that the band has created through their music in an effort to draw parallels to today’s societal ills. For tickets and information on the Ghost‘s Ultimate Tour Named Death, check out their official website.

Ghost build their own custom sets of individual Ernie Ball Strings, opting for .011-.058 on electric guitar and .045-.105 on bass.

Give Prequelle, Ghost‘s current album, a listen down below.

*** Featured Image Credit: Iron Maiden Official

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